Doing What We Love

A few years ago, my friends and I found ourselves looking for a place to invest our money. We weren’t millionaires by any stretch of the imagination, but we worked hard and saved up. As a bunch of single guys, there wasn’t much to spend money on. We weren’t the type to go out to the bars on the weekend or anything like that, and designer fashion wasn’t exactly our thing. What we did want, however, was to work together to create our own business one day so that we could be our own bosses.

We’ve been friends since the freshman year of high school, and very little has changed even through college and the years that followed. We always looked for every excuse to get together whenever we could no matter what was going on in our lives. Friendships like that are rare. People tend to grow apart over time as they change and mature. Maybe it’s because we just never grew up but we are among the few who can say we are still like brothers after over a decade.

Starting our own business has been something we’ve talked about since we were teens. Back then, we thought it would be cool to get to work together and never have to answer to anyone else. For a bunch of goofy slackers, nothing in the world sounds better than that. As time passed, however, the motivation began to change. While the things we wanted out of running our own business back then are still applicable now, there are a growing number of other reasons we want to get away from our 9-5 jobs.

Part of it is the challenge. Instead of waiting on a predictable paycheck from an employer, running your own business means you directly influence your own income based on your resourcefulness, skill, and intelligence. Failure can be catastrophic but the potential for success can also be limitless.

Another reason is full freedom to make decisions and shape our business how we want to. Most of us have grown frustrated with bureaucracy, poor management, or out of date workplaces that refuse to change or adapt. We can see their imminent downfall approaching and do not want to be on the ship when it sinks. We have a whole vault of ideas we want to explore on our own terms.

Scraping together what we had, we decided to look into investing in a property. Being the type who love a challenge, we delved right into flipping our first property with very little experience or knowledge of the industry to guide us. We made a bunch of rookie mistakes and spent much longer renovating than was ideal but against all odds, we still managed to make a small profit. This triumph, although barely a victory, had us hooked. Since then, we’ve been flipping properties all over New Castle County, Delaware.